B Side Construction

You’ve got a business to launch and have no time to swing hammers. If this succinctly sums up your current situation, then it’s time to find a general contractor with plenty of experience building the future home of your lucrative operation. Business contractors with experience constructing operations – be it a storefront, restaurant or apartment building – will be able to offer a wide array of services so that you’ll be up and running in no time. The question that many entrepreneurs will ask is how do they know which contractor to hire and if the services offered fit the project description? For those in the Oakland, California area, there’s only one operation to trust and it’s B Side Construction.

According to FitSmallBusiness.com, there are a handful of considerations to make when business owners seek contractors who can carry out electrical and concrete services, window installation and storefront construction. Per the article, it’s wise to do a walk-through with the crew to get their take on the situation and clearly explain what you need the commercial site to offer. At B Side Construction, our team of talented and veteran contractors will be happy to meet with you and get a better idea of the just what the final product will look like. There’s a lot to consider when installing a store front – from which windows to use as a way to attract foot traffic to installing signage and making sure everything in the back of the house, so to speak, makes the behind-the-scenes work in your favor. According to an Oct. 2017 article from the San Francisco Business Times,  contractors in the Bay Area are broadening their services to remain competitive. That means concrete-pouring, carpentry and drywall work, according to the article, which adds that an all-encompassing construction team will always work out for the client. This is exactly what B Side Construction has achieved through its  various storefront installation jobs, restaurant renovation projects and apartment constructions. The B Side Construction team has lately put more focus on window installation and electrical tasks, as businesses in the Bay Area compete to keep costs down so that there’s a healthy bottom line once the operation opens.

B Side Construction is well aware of the challenges facing the business sector in California and strives to offer contracting services that will meet just about every need a client has. If you’re a commercial property or apartment complex owner who knows that now’s the time to build or fix, trust this team to get the job done on time and under budget.