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Modern Restaurant Overhauls Made Easy With B Side Construction On Your Side

B Side ConstructionThere once was a time when the aesthetic of your business was uniquely yours. Some customers may have found it comforting to patronize the same business year after year, always knowing what it was going to look like and what was going to be on the menu. Those days are long gone and even the impossibly-large McDonald’s is reinventing its look into a more subdued approach. According to a 2017 article from Fox News, the chain’s desire for a “modern dining” experience will do aware with glaring reds and yellows to include “table-location technology” for food delivery to patrons, self-service panels, expanded dessert options and new “muted grey” uniforms for workers. Naturally, such expansive upgrades are expected to run a franchise anywhere from $150,000 to $700,000 — and that’s just for one restaurant overhaul.


While a McDonald’s franchise may wait with bated breath to see how their fellow franchisees perform, B Side Construction is available to help the “mom and pop” owner carry out restaurant renovations to their heart’s content. That’s because this Oakland, California-based construction company is helmed by a president with a decade of industry experience already under his tool belt. When a company considers B Side Construction for its restaurant and business renovation, which could include a new storefront installation, there’s no shortage of topics that need to be addressed internally before the actual work commences. According to The Balance, a money-management news website, hiring a professional to oversee all work done is high up on the list of the business owner’s duties. By finding a skilled contractor to perform the work, you’ll have skilled professionals who can complete various types of work that in other circumstances could call for multiple construction crews. Since B Side Construction is a general contracting company, employees at the work site will be well-versed in electrical services, concrete services, window and electrical wiring installation as well as the aforementioned storefront overhauls. One of the reasons why business owners should shop around for a competent crew is because it minimizes confusion. As The Balance puts it, “knowing which party is responsible for certain renovations can help you avoid miscommunications with your future landlord.”


Running a business is stressful enough. Committing to the overhaul of what effectively equates to your primary source of income can be a risky proposition. With B Side Construction on your side, the lingering questions are answers long before any work is done and your input on the final product is always the first and foremost consideration.

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