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B Side Construction’s Anton Kalafati Says Sometimes Your Dish Is Only As Good As Your Decor

Anton Kalafati of B Side Construction Some may think that trends in the restaurant industry extend only to what’s going on in the kitchen, but that’s not the full story. While constantly updating menu items is a good way to keep customers coming back, your dish is sometimes only as good as your decor. This is something Bay Area industry expert Anton Kalafati of B Side Construction learned long ago. It’s also a message he takes to eateries looking for renovations. Mr. Kalafati, who has more than a decade of commercial construction experience to his name, offers superb services for window installation, storefront upgrades, restaurant overhauls and all sorts of other services that will get your business up to speed. Don’t discount the importance of appearances, says B Side Construction’s Anton Kalafati. With that in mind, he’d like to share some industry highlights below in hopes of getting your kitchen on the same page as the dining room.

According to a March 2018 article from QSR magazine, which focuses on the hundred-billion-dollar limited-service restaurant sector, there are plenty of emerging trends for this year that owners and operators need to be aware of. The reason why these entrepreneurs should remain vigilant is because the so-called “retail apocalypse” that has hurt bottom line at other stores could easily affect eateries that aren’t taking the effort to keep current. Customization, QSR magazine reports, is a tried-and-true method of letting customers have a hands-on experience. If you own an eatery and would like to allow guests to “see and smell the ingredients, which appeals to the senses unlike anything the web can deliver,” then you may need to install buffet-like bars. This is just one job that B Side Construction and Anton Kalafati can help you accomplish. Convenience is another 2018 trend noted in the article. If you’re ready and willing to pair online ordering with in-store pick-up for extremely quick customer visits, you’re going to need a dedicated section of the restaurant to address these orders. B Side Construction and Anton Kalafati have completed numerous high-profile jobs across California so they know what it takes to make something eye-catching while also offering efficiency.

While not directly tied to construction work, the article notes that some national chains are trading jabs over seemingly ineffective business models that the competitor carries out. If you want to remain on the top of your game, earn glowing reviews from the press and put your competition to shame, then there’s no doubt that Mr. Kalafati and his skilled contractors can help.

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