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Extensive Updates For Oakland Office Building Is What B Side Construction Can Offer

anton kalafati b side constructionThe relationship between investor/property owner and hammer-swinging contractor crew is a close one. The former has a hefty financial expectation on the line while the latter group is the one that’s going to renovate the building and make those expectations a reality. It’s with this relationship in mind that B Side Construction has been closely following the total overhaul of a former Oakland furniture store into an 198,000-square-foot office building. According to the San Francisco Business Times, the project will include efforts to “modernize the elevators, lobby, and bathrooms and raise the quality of the finishes.” The end goal is to turn the building into prime real estate for office buildings that can be rented out by corporate clients.


The stakes are high when an investor wants to explore a commercial renovation. Per the Times article, the building was bought for $65 million and the renovation work was estimated to cost another $14 million on top of that. B Side Construction, which is also headquartered in California’s Bay Area in Oakland, is no stranger to commercial renovation. The president of the company has more than a decade of industry experience to his name and can point to a portfolio packed with business clients who’ve seen their footprints transformed into eye-pleasing modern facilities. “Employers want to be closer to the East Bay not for the cheaper rents, but for all the stuff Oakland has,” a development director told the business journal. This “location, location, location” real estate mentality is one that B Side Construction is familiar with. That’s because they’ve been the ones carrying out upgrades to existing locations. Take Sens Restaurant in San Francisco, for example. B Side Construction, which is also capable of restaurant renovation work, helped this popular eatery update its interior with lighting and paneling additions.


Why spend millions on renovation work after a considerable amount has already been spent on the purchase? Truth be told, that’s the business of the investor. For those who’ll have boots on the ground and be part of the day-to-day management, it makes sense from this perspective to have a desirable building that’s going to attract tenants. To accomplish this work, enlisting contractors and B Side Construction is a sure-fire way to get business renovation work done on schedule and to exacting standards. For Bay Area businesses who think that their storefront could use an update, the choice of who to call to carry out the work should be clear.

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